Residential Drug Abuse Program

Learn more about the RDAP program and how to qualify.

The RDAP program has become popular with people who want to resolve drug or alcohol problems.

  • Learn the process to qualify before your PSR
  • Get the judge to make a recommendation
  • Understand the different phases of the program
  • Understand the benefits

Course curriculum

    1. 1-Overview of RDAP Program

    2. 2-RDAP Interview

    3. 3-Interacting with RDAP Staff

    4. 4-Going to RDAP Unit

    5. 5-Expectations in Unit

    6. 6-Why People Lose RDAP

    7. 7-Getting Thrown Out of RDAP

    8. 8-Accountability in RDAP

    9. 9-Structure of RDAP

    10. 10-RDAP without Time Off

    11. 11-RDAP Process for Time Off

    12. 12-Privileges and Rights

    13. 13- Halfway House and Probation

    14. 14-RDAP Summary

    1. RDAP Policy Statement

About this course

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